dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

zondag 22 augustus 2010



I just found out that I have 4 followers. I'm really surprised! Thank you ;) What I also found out is that I haven't been posting for a really long while. So here's a post again. It's just that I only post when I feel like it. I don't want to have that feeling that I always have to post. It should be all spontaneous.

I've just come back from my aunt's house in Den Haag (the Hague) and my other aunt, unkle and nieces' house. I had a really good time. Apart from falling on my backside (combinate flip-flops, a supermarket and a wet floor) which took me 2 days to recover from, and the fighting I did with my sister. It's just that she doesn't help my mum and me when we're doing some cleaning in the house... Leaves the bed undone for the next person... Screaming and yelling too much (the neighbours there must hate us) :( but the sea was nice, the weather was on some days... So still nice.

Me, my sister and my aunt went to Amsterdam's Albert Kuip for some shopping. I love markets, and especially that market. Everything is much cheaper (you do have to watch out for the fakes) and there's lots of choice. I bought flipflops (from 20 to 5 euros) there and large socks (6 urs) :) I'd been thinking about cowboyboots a lot, so I went looking for them there. We couldn't find goodquality ones, so my aunt took us to the PC Hooftstraat (expensive, but sales are sometimes okay) and went to dr. Adams. There I found my boots :) they were in the sale, from 140 to 100 to 80 euros :) So I bought them! Now I can't have anything for a while. And probably I won't get another pair of boots this winter :( which is really unfair as my mum only gave me 30 euros. But whatever.

I'm just having a hard time combining them. I think they're okay with tucked-in jeans and a neutral top. Also my miniskirt, tights and again neutral top look good with them. My aunt told me that she thought that boots with shorts/a skirt and no tights whatsoever were a bit ordinary/vulgar (don't know how to say it) but that if I did it well it could be okay. So,you can see I went looking for some cowboy-booted looks :P

If you have anything to say about the boots, or cowbooted looks, please tell me :) Thanks!


dinsdag 20 juli 2010

In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high (takes time to load..)

I designed this dress myself, and made it together with my aunt Sandra (she did the most of the work) It was so much fun to do! I put it on lookbook because I wanted to know what people thought of it. There were three hypers and two commentors until now, both commenters/tors were superenthusiastic and they got me all happy! :D

donderdag 15 juli 2010

Hmm I wish my hair was really that blond. Thanks canon!

Let me show you this boring picture of me.

I know.

It's selfish.

I'm sorry.

You have to know that I didn't put a heart around it because I wanted to. No, just because I can't make pictures of myself without a mirror. And my other mirror isn't nice enough ;p and my parents' mirror is too big. And I like the look of it. And I'm childish. So is my room. But. I'll get a new room! 4x as big as my current one. And it won't be childish. I'm going to get a nice mirror for my new room next saturday. So don't worry. The next mirror-photo will be with a new mirror :D

woensdag 14 juli 2010


So I found this amazing website. With all these unique looks and people :D They post these great photographs with their looks which gives me loads of inspiration and lets me wish that I had money again waha :P

I am going to Amsterdam in August, so maybe I can find some nice vintage shops there and get what I'd like!

You can visit the website here. you can only join if you get an invite code. Which I'm trying to find :P

Sorry for not posting for such a long time. I'm happy to say that my holidays have finally started. They've started really well!

Monday I went tot the beach, Scheveningen, with LenaJuliaMelissa. They were great and it was great.

I found out that my dad not only has a Canon EOS 5D but also EOS 5. Also I found out that I love the micro-lens.

I feel like my life's changing. I think it really is. I now know how friends are supposed to be, what's not right... I guess I'm growing up.

Hmm I know I'm a bad blogger. Haha but anyway... I like it and that's what's most important. :P


dinsdag 8 juni 2010

Photos of the garden & things in it

I made lots of photos (well for me it's a lot) this weekend, and someone asked me to post them so I'm posting them :P

I don't think they're really good. That's because my garden is a thing with flowers and insects, nothing more nothing less, and because my photoshop-coloring skills are not so good. :( If you're looking for great photos, don't stick around here. Go here. http://lavender1992.deviantart.com/ these are great photos with great colours.

OW I just visited deviantart again and now really feel my colours are bad. Bad bad bad. So I'm going to get back to photoshop RIGHT now and post the photos later. Tell me if they're not good. Please. I really do want to know.

SO. In the end I just uploaded actions. I still don't think they're good. But whatever! Click read more for some of the photos!

zondag 30 mei 2010

Whaaa CS5!!

So, I was just thinking about using one of these 30-days-trials of photoshop, when I saw... CS5! Wooh! Right now I'm downloading the trial! Of course al legal, from the adobe-website. It's taking some loooong time to load.

I made some photographs of the house and its features with my father's big Canon :D I love that thing! I only have a small ehmm... I don't even know what it's called.. whaha! It's nice, but it's just not... Perfect. Which the Canon is.

I'll tell you about CS5 when I'm using it, and the photos I'll post later today. Feel free to comment and tell me about your website, interests.. Anything you want to get rid of right here :P as I don't know many people on blogger I'm looking for them daily.


zaterdag 29 mei 2010


My first post in 2010. I've been a great non-poster the last year. Now, it's summer... And I'm here again. Enjoy, or don't, your choice.

See you soon!