zondag 13 maart 2011

Just woke up and found this out.

I really need 8 hours of sleep..
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I absolutely love my new phone. The HTC desire. It has a Blogger app. I can watch tv shows without adds for free. Loooooads of games. I couldn't have chosen a better phone haha! I can use it as an mp3, read mail... anything. Yay!
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zondag 20 februari 2011

After a long time..

..of doing nothing with my blog, I feel like writing again. Just a bit. I know this feeling will be away again soon :)

As I grow older, I see the people around me are doing the same. They're changing too. Some change in a good way. Some don't. I'm starting to realise that I don't have any sense of what's real and what's not. When are others real? When am I myself? I wouldn't know. I guess that I'm only myself when I'm honest and when I say what I think. But that's not what everyone does. Sometimes saying what you really think can hurt other people. That happens a lot.
I hate it that I'm not totally myself. I don't know why I just can't get it done, to act like I want to. Yeah sure, I act crazy, I may even seem childish (where's the line between crazy and childish?) but I'm not really me. I don't say anything back to the bitch that's telling me how to speak English (she can't even say the th-thing right, I can so she should really shut up), I don't say anything when other people make fun of someone when they shouldn't. That's when I'm not me. And when I really should be. I guess I'm just scared that people won't like me anymore. That the bitch will start hating me (and you don't want that), or that the people-making-fun-of-someone-when-they-shouldn't won't like me anymore. Have they ever really liked me? Or just the person I'm trying to be?

I always want everyone to like me. I know that's not going to happen. I have friends. I should be happy, right?

So. After this bit of acting-sad and telling-a-computer-about-my-feelings I'm going to get back to my homework. Well, that's actually not true. Har har.

dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

zondag 22 augustus 2010



I just found out that I have 4 followers. I'm really surprised! Thank you ;) What I also found out is that I haven't been posting for a really long while. So here's a post again. It's just that I only post when I feel like it. I don't want to have that feeling that I always have to post. It should be all spontaneous.

I've just come back from my aunt's house in Den Haag (the Hague) and my other aunt, unkle and nieces' house. I had a really good time. Apart from falling on my backside (combinate flip-flops, a supermarket and a wet floor) which took me 2 days to recover from, and the fighting I did with my sister. It's just that she doesn't help my mum and me when we're doing some cleaning in the house... Leaves the bed undone for the next person... Screaming and yelling too much (the neighbours there must hate us) :( but the sea was nice, the weather was on some days... So still nice.

Me, my sister and my aunt went to Amsterdam's Albert Kuip for some shopping. I love markets, and especially that market. Everything is much cheaper (you do have to watch out for the fakes) and there's lots of choice. I bought flipflops (from 20 to 5 euros) there and large socks (6 urs) :) I'd been thinking about cowboyboots a lot, so I went looking for them there. We couldn't find goodquality ones, so my aunt took us to the PC Hooftstraat (expensive, but sales are sometimes okay) and went to dr. Adams. There I found my boots :) they were in the sale, from 140 to 100 to 80 euros :) So I bought them! Now I can't have anything for a while. And probably I won't get another pair of boots this winter :( which is really unfair as my mum only gave me 30 euros. But whatever.

I'm just having a hard time combining them. I think they're okay with tucked-in jeans and a neutral top. Also my miniskirt, tights and again neutral top look good with them. My aunt told me that she thought that boots with shorts/a skirt and no tights whatsoever were a bit ordinary/vulgar (don't know how to say it) but that if I did it well it could be okay. So,you can see I went looking for some cowboy-booted looks :P

If you have anything to say about the boots, or cowbooted looks, please tell me :) Thanks!


dinsdag 20 juli 2010

In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high (takes time to load..)

I designed this dress myself, and made it together with my aunt Sandra (she did the most of the work) It was so much fun to do! I put it on lookbook because I wanted to know what people thought of it. There were three hypers and two commentors until now, both commenters/tors were superenthusiastic and they got me all happy! :D