dinsdag 8 juni 2010

Photos of the garden & things in it

I made lots of photos (well for me it's a lot) this weekend, and someone asked me to post them so I'm posting them :P

I don't think they're really good. That's because my garden is a thing with flowers and insects, nothing more nothing less, and because my photoshop-coloring skills are not so good. :( If you're looking for great photos, don't stick around here. Go here. http://lavender1992.deviantart.com/ these are great photos with great colours.

OW I just visited deviantart again and now really feel my colours are bad. Bad bad bad. So I'm going to get back to photoshop RIGHT now and post the photos later. Tell me if they're not good. Please. I really do want to know.

SO. In the end I just uploaded actions. I still don't think they're good. But whatever! Click read more for some of the photos!