maandag 27 juli 2009


I'm going to switch over to English. I'm sorry for all the mistakes I will make :P

By the way, I'll be off from 30 july to 14 august.
To England. haha
I'm going to research the cottage &hotel :D and put it down here. oh the whole journey! jeeej xD


first we'll go to Calais (France) by car. There we are going to go to Dover by train (through chunnel)

Here we'll go into the train:

We'll survive a mile from the coast, in a Bed&Breakfast called Camelot Lodge Hotel. East Sussex.

tamtiedam. they have a piano there, but I'm not sure if I dare to play.

NEXT day we'll travel further, to somewhere near Plymouth, the edge of Dartmoor National Park to our holidayhouse.

can't find any pictures myself, dad knows where they are but I don't want to go downstairs.

well, and after that back to our hotel/b&b and back home.

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